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There are errors on my pages, they're not printing correctly OR pages are missing.
A: Download errors do occur occasionally with Etsy Instant Downloads.  Usually deleting the file and re-downloading corrects the issue.  If not please contact me and I will email new files to you.

Can I get this planner/page in a different size?
A: I don't offer resizing, but you can use your print settings to resize pages.  Read this post on Resizing Letter Size Printables to find out more.  I also encourage you to try resizing with a FREE Printable before buying to be sure you're happy with the result.

Can I request a custom page or changes?
A: Sorry, I am not accepting custom or special orders at this time.


What format are your printable planners saved in?
A: Planner pages are all PDF documents.  Planners and packages are usually saved within a ZIP folder.  PDF format is universal and will open on any computer so long as you have a PDF reader- I recommend Adobe Reader for best results.  ZIP folders can be unzipped by all computers and most devices.  Be sure your device can unzip these files before purchasing.  Mobile devices and tablets do not always have the same capabilities as a computer.

Are your printables editable?
A: SOME planners and pages are editable.  Each item title and listing will clearly indicate which items are editable and what specific elements of the planner are editable.  Please note that the font, font size (usually set to auto), and font color cannot be changed.  Editable items need to be opened in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

What size are your printable planners?
A: Most of my printables are 8.5" x 11" (US Letter).  I also offer 5.83" x 8.27" (A5) for some pages and planners.  Check the "SPECS" in the listing description for more info on file size and formatting.
Need another size?  Check out my post on How to Resize Letter Size Printables!

Can your printables be resized to fit a smaller planner or binder?
A: Yes they can!  Here's a quick tutorial on How to Resize Letter Size Printables showing you step-by-step and photo instruction!  The page dimension may not be perfect, but they will function just fine!

There's a typo or missing page.
A: It could be a download error, but please let me know and I will email a corrected page as soon as possible.  The best way to contact me is through Etsy.

How do I print a single PDF as a 2-sided document?
A: Insert the PDF into a word document twice to create a 2 page document then print 2-sided.  *Keep in mind that pages designed for single-side printing may have a decorative border or design element that may look odd when printed in reverse, but will usually not affect the function of the printable.

The colors on my printable are different than they looked in the listing.
A: Each printer's color print outs will vary slightly.  Try adjusting your printer settings if you're unhappy with the color quality or try a heavier weight paper.  Your print outs should be comparable to the listing photos.  If they are not it is a printer/ink issue and will need to be resolved on your own.

How do you print your printables?
A: I use the Epson Artisan 837 printer and Epon Claria ink.  I usually print on heavy weight paper when I'm taking pictures for listings, but I use standard, inexpensive paper for everyday printing.  I print on normal setting for listing pictures and economy for a lot of my personal use printing.

Will I receive a physical item in the mail?
A: NO you will not.  My printables and planners are digital products only.  You will receive a link for download through Etsy for Instant Downloads immediately after payment is received and an email from me containing your PDF files or ZIP folder if you ordered personalized items (personalized items are not instant.)

I forgot to include my name for personalization.  What should I do?
A: No problem!  Send me a convo with your information as soon as you can.  If I need to contact you please expect a slight delay in receiving your printables.  After 2 attempts to contact you I will send you a personalized (or unpersonalized if there's no name on your Etsy account) item to you to close the order and keep up with my bookkeeping.  You will not be able to receive a refund after the file has been sent- even if the personalization isn't what you wanted.  PLEASE include your info at checkout or ASAP to avoid this.

I would like my files sent to an email other than the one I have registered with Etsy.  What should I do?
A: No problem!  Write me an Etsy convo or a message in the Notes to Seller section at checkout with the email address you would prefer.

Do you ship outside of the US?
A: Yes I do!  Since my planner pages are digital I can "ship" anywhere through email.

Do you offer any discounts?
A: Check my Facebook and Twitter for special offers!
You can also follow me on Instagram @cleanlifeandhome


I'm having trouble opening my files.  Why?
A: Do you have a PDF reader installed on your device?  To download a PDF reader please visit Adobe for a FREE download!  Another common issue is a download error.  Try deleting and re-downloading the file.  If neither of those solutions apply to you please contact me for help!

How long does it take to receive my files?
A: If you ordered and Instant Download you will receive a link to download your files through Etsy immediately after purchase (unless paying with an eCheck- allow 3-5 business days.)  If you ordered Personalized Printables you will receive an email with your files attached in 24-48 hours.  Please include personalization information so there are no delays.

It's been 48 hours and I haven't received an email.
A: Be sure you're checking the email you have registered with Etsy and check your spam folder.  It's also possible you forgot to include your personalization information.  If you included your personalization info and it's been more than 48 hours please send me an Etsy convo to let me know!

I ordered an Instant Download and I'm having trouble finding the link to download my files.
A: The link to download files is at the top of the screen immediately after purchase.  If you've missed it go to Etsy, click on "You" in the upper righthand corner, scroll down to "Purchases & Reviews" in the drop down menu.  There will be a list of all your purchases- download links are next to each purchase.


I need to have my printables professionally printed.  Can you help me?
A: I'm not familiar with professional printing services outside of a couple experiences at FedEx Kinkos.  Search printing services in your area and call around to compare prices.  It can be expensive so ask for a price quote before purchasing your planner.

Do you accept custom orders?
A: I am not able to accept custom orders at this time.

Do you offer refunds?
A: Due to the digital nature of this product all sales are final.
If you still have questions or concerns please send me an Etsy convo!

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